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Portland’s Best Meds is your source for the best meds in the Portland area delivered right to your door. Portland’s Best Meds is a service provided by an OMMP patient/grower with excess meds delivered for valid OMMP cardholders only. Portland’s Best Meds is supplied by one of the best growers in the area, utilizing the best organic nutrients, the best genetics, and state of the art aeroponic/hydroponic hybrid systems, grown with the best lights available today in the best environment possible. Portland’s Best Meds is the only med dispensary/delivery service within OMMP protection and also has the best reimbursement expenses in the state.


-Delivery service available to greater Portland metro area Monday – Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm

-$40 minimum for reimbursement for grow costs. Contact for more info.


Service Area Map:

Portlands Best Meds Service Area 300x182 Welcome to Portlands Best Meds

Portland's Best Meds Service Area Map

Reimbursement Covers Only:




-Water (for Hydro)




Reimbursement Does Not Cover:

-Gas, Delivery (No delivery fees)

-Growers time

-Work involved with growing

-Anything else not listed above


-Valid OMMP Patient/Caregiver Card

-Photo ID

-$40 minimum for reimbursement for grow costs

-Knowledge of OMMA law

Important Note and Rules:

This is a service for valid OMMP patients for meds from one patient/grower to another patient (you), where you reimburse the patient/grower donating meds for delivery and grow costs only (listed above) as compliant with ORS 475.300 to 475.346 (available by visiting here and clicking “ORS 475.300 – 475.346 (pdf)”) This is not for the sale of meds, and is only for valid patients with valid ID and proof of valid OMMP status. The sale of meds is not permitted for any reason according to Oregon law, please do not ask to buy or purchase meds or for the sale of meds for your protection and ours. Proof of valid OMMP status and photo ID required before meds given/reimbursement taken. We will not provide our service to anyone that does not follow these basic rules or meet the above requirements. Thanks.


Call us at (503)616-3852 or email deliveries@portlandsbestmeds.com and include your name and number to setup an initial appointment to get started for the minimum reimbursement of $40. Contact us today to get verified and get Portland’s Best Meds delivered right to your door!
Current Specials for Frequent Patients:

Mention this ad on Portlandsbestmeds.com and receive a free gram for all veterans, new patients, reviews, referrals, and for reimbursing $100 or more in one delivery!

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